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2 years ago ep. 295 feat. Chris & Jason 01:03:26

One on one episode recorded live and unedited from Glendale, Chris and Jason talk about a predatory valet at The Grove, when will we be able to use restaurant gift cards, Jose Andrés’ potato chips, who is buying celebrity magazines, boycotts can’t be a test of moral purity, Spotify vs. the world, going off the grid, we try to teach ourselves how to like vacations, how Chris trained the world never to ask him for everything, TJ’s provocative base layer, what sector Chris wants to un-disrupt, a night out at South Beverly Grill, fad workout equipment, we feel bad for restaurants while also piling on, the downside of consistency, and Subway coffee.


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How Long Gone is a bi-coastal elite podcast from old friends and podcast professionals, Chris Black and Jason Stewart. CB and TJ deliver their takes on pop culture, fashion, music, and more.

A grainy photograph features How Long Gone hosts Chris Black and Jason Stewart reclining in the grass before a fountain containing a large golden statue of a leaping man.

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10/29/23 Melbourne, VIC, The Eighty-Six Festival
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